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General Educational Activities:

Suasonline or CSAcademy have a joint merger to provide quality education all over the world. All the practical part of the related subject that is Computer Science for O | AS | A Level is powered by CSAcademy. Apart from this, CSAcademy has handshook with Suasonline for providing quality material and explanation for students’ better understanding and application concepts.

CSAcademy is not only providing O/AS/A Level based solutions, but assisting in IB DP (after A’ Level) and professional development courses such as Java, Python, Php, C++, C#, JSP, ASP, Android and Software Engineering etc.

Suasonline+CSAcademy has aimed to provide education in different regions of the world on global markets where people can get education online, using video tutorials on such contents (topics/applications) mentioned above. They are pleased to inform amongst students, parents and people that they can find cheapest solution on the net which is being brought to you by Suasonline+CSAcademy through,,, and etc.


Suasonline+CSAcademy is considered as one of the leading education provider for remote areas at low rates. Its special focus is on computer applications and computer sciences, all over the world. Its head office is in UK, and branch office is in Pakistan. It has focused to market its educational tutorials to America, Netherland, African countries, Italy, Turkey, Middle-east countries, European countries, Ireland, Greenland, Brazil, India, Srilanka, Mauratious, Malysia, Newzealand, Australia, France, Sweden, and Norway etc. It has planning to start operations in the Middle East countries, carrying out work in the development of new directions.

Background and Development:

Its base is on core educational activities on computer applications and now focused on computer sciences for all ages of students of the world. The first market opportunities for designing online educational video tutorials, being broadcasted on social channels such as,, and etc.

Present Condition:
Working on quality Educational video tutorials on  different subjects the most leading ones are Computer Applications and Computer Sciences, which can be viewed and accessed from any of the social channels such as facebook, youtube, twiter, whatsapp, onlinejournal and tumblr etc.

Research & Development:
Research based project being written to look ahead for new technology enhancement and development. Accepting the adaptation and change of newly developed methodologies in Teaching styles and delivery of lessons to the student/viewer.


  • Purpose: To be a leader in the real educational environment with state of the art methodologies by providing enhanced services.
  • Vision: To provide quality and focused services that exceeds the expectations of the esteemed student/parent/person.
  • Mission Statement: To establish long-term relationships with our viewers and students, providing exceptional educational services by pursuing education through innovation and advanced technology.
  • Core values:
      • We believe in treating our students/clients with respect and faith
      • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
      • We integrate honesty, integrity and ethics into all aspects of our educational  functioning
  • Goals• Regional expansion in the field of property management which includes ownership and rights, which develop a strong base of key values to learners and educators.
  • Increase the assets and investments of the services being provided to support the development of services and curriculum.
  • To build good reputation among students, parents, clients, learners and viewers of every field in property management such as ownership and to become a key player in the educational industry.

Scope of Work
Suasonline+CSAcademy are passionate to market their video tutorials to all over the world where they have aimed to facilitate students to focus the methods used in the videos based on run on stand-alone.
Financial Considerations: Suasonline+CSAcademy are willing to accept donations, financial support for the betterment and quality control of video lectures with technology enhancement that would be the great benefit for the educational services being provided

Expected Activities of General Bank Account: We are in need of the account services provided by PayPal where they can receive donations and paid amount from international users/students for receiving money online through PayPal.

Management Hierarchy:

    • Mr. Sabihuddin Ahmed Siddiqui (CEO)
    • Mr. Kashif Ejaz (Director Development)
    • Mr. Muneer Ahmad
    • Mr. Tahir Sheikh (Sun Microsystems)
    • Mr. Yasir Ameen (Android Certified Engineer) - Owner of LIFE Blood Tranfusion Application, Pakistan
    • Mr. Ali (PHP) Specialist
    • Mr. Salman Amlani (MAJU)
    • Mr. Adnan Ahmed (Microsoft-USA)
    • Mr. Fawad Salam Khan (Prof. Texila University)
    • Mr. Absar Ahmed (The City School)
    • Mr. Mudassir Islam (Smart School)
    • Mr. Mehmood Mumtaz Syed (Iqra University)
    • Mr. Jalaluddin Ahmed Siddiqui (Iqra University)
    • Mr. Jamaluddin Ahmad Siddiqui (Pak Swiss)
    • Mr. Nihaluddin Ahmad (Iqra University)
    • Mr. Imaduddin Ahmad (Karachi University)
    • Mr. Furqan Ahmad Syed
    • Mr. Jamshed Javed Syed
    • Mr. Suleman Javed Syed
    • Mr. Kamaluddin Ahmad
    • Mr. Sohail Azam (UK)
    • Mr. Naseem Hashmi
    • Mr. Mohamad Ali Imtiaz (MAJU)
    • Ms. Martina (UK)
    • Ms. Keterina (Greece)
    • Mr. Umair Ali Syed
    • Mr. Mohammad Ali Noor
    • Mr. Mohammad Arsalan Noor
    • Mr. Mohammad Asad Sheikh
    • Mr. Anas Tipu
    • Mr. Ehsan Elahi

    Suasonline+CSAcademy Joint Projects

      Focuses on Wide Range of Educational Solutions for children age 5-20+ Years.
      • Computer Applications
      • Computer Sciences
      • Corporate Solutions
      • Curriculum Design
      • Presentations Graphics
      • Graphics Designing
      • Logo Design
      • Forms Design
      • Paper Setting
      • Coding Snippets
      • Items Writing
      • Individual Solutions
      • Programming & Development
      • Online Teaching
      • Online Tutoring
      • Video Tutorials
      • Website Development & Computer Solutions


      Its trained staff from different regions of the world have prepared quality syllabus and curriculum to deliver the content exactly what the user/student needs. They are qualified and have huge experience in the field.


      Suasonline+CSAcademy is on its innovation and sooner will become the symbol of quality+success in learning Computer Applications and Computer Sciences. According to the market analysts if the quality and delivery of video lectures/tutorial is focused on educating people world-wide will boost its demand in few months, and will feed the huge demand from its international students as well.

      Curricular Information:

      The documents, syllabus and scheme of work can be accessed from CIE at for O/AS/A Level Computer Science.

      Key Processes:

      Latest technology and development has improved the quality of tutorials, while focusing on expertise of different computer applications and technologies such as JAVA, Python, ASP, JSP, Android, C/C++, Server-side scripting, HTML and SQL etc.

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